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Choosing Shoes or Subscriptions?

As featured on Forbes.

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MUSO reveals the most torrented films in May

MUSO tracks unlicensed file-sharing of film content across the torrent network. Here's the titles that were most popular in the month of May.

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What happens when we get Film and TV subscription fatigue?

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Global piracy hits 190 billion visits in 2018, but UK sees a drop

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Oscars: Roma and other nominees gaining plenty of pirate attention

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Piracy Data: From Global View to Macroeconomic Trends

John Tegner, our Product Marketing Manager, recently wrote an article for Videonet analysing trends in piracy data throughout 2017. The original piece can be seen here, or you can read his analysis below.

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MUSO supporting EUIPO's Economic Impact Study on Piracy

MUSO, the authority on digital piracy, and EUIPO, acting through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, have embarked on a project to assess the economic impact of digital infringement across the European Union, with MUSO providing the...


MUSO Releases 2017 Global Film & TV Insight Report

Streaming holds its ground as the most popular way audiences are choosing to access their illegal content. Audiences are choosing less and less to torrent, with it witnessing the sharpest drop in usage across all piracy delivery methods. From January 2016 to December 2016, 

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Strategies for UK Film Co's: Converting Piracy Streaming to Sales

How film and television distributors can engage with the UK streaming audience.


Spotlight on the 2016 French TV & Film Market

MUSO’s Marketing Coordinator, Caroline Corbett-Thompson, sits down with Davide Castorina, Head of France and Benelux, to discuss France’s current VOD and film market landscape; Netflix, the leap year state of the French film market and piracy under the HADOPI Law.


Clone Wars: A Study of Piracy Across All Star Wars Episodes

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has only graced the big screen for a couple days but it’s already smashing records. In the UK, it has brought in $50.5m box office revenue while in the US $238m, making JJ Abrams' space opera one the highest grossing movies ever. Once The Force...