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What Next For Streaming Services In The Age Of Cancel Culture?

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Queen of Indie: Jane Clark talks Piracy in the Indie Film Market

Actress turned producer, Jane Clark knows the indie film market inside and out and how crippling piracy can be to independent filmmakers. Clark’s films have been played in over 50 international film festivals and have won multitudes of awards. She’s the co-owner of Film...


From Rock Legends to Piracy: A Convo with Elio Bordi From Frontiers

Elio Bordi is a busy man. Between running the label’s website and magazine alongside being the promo manager for Frontiers, we were lucky to sit down with him to talk about what he loves the most: music and how the music market is adapting to the streaming revolution...


The Millenial: Tamsyn Bester Reveals the Secrets of Self-Publishing

Don’t be fooled by her young age –Tamsyn Bester, at 25, is a powerhouse of self-publishing. Having self-published nearly a dozen books, Tamsyn knows her way around the often quagmire of self-publishing. Knowing that in such a competitive industry it takes hard work and a...

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Getting to know a New (Piracy) Audience

As part of the Opinion Features for C21, Christopher Elkins, MUSO's Chief Commercial Officer, sat down with C21 on the eve of the launch of the Global Piracy Film and TV Insights Report, to talk about the new piracy audience of 2016 alongside the future of the film and TV...


Authors, it's time to "Check Your Books" for World IP Day

With World Intellectual Property Day around the corner (26th of April), MUSO had a chance to sit down and talk to Rhonda Rees, current Publicist of the Year from the Bulldog Reporter and Gold First Place honour for her PR awareness campaign on online book piracy. To...


Being Your Own Boss: S. E. Smith talks Online Piracy

S.E Smith, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, knows her way around the self-publishing world. Her self-publishing empire runs vast, having published over a dozen books and having released a large amount of them as audiobooks. She has an ardent fan group who...


Striking a Balance: Brent Lawson discusses the Online Streaming/Piracy

Based in Scotland, Brent Lawson is founder and manager of Pro-B Tech records, an independent dance music record label. Aiming to release high quality and deeper underground music, Brent is highly dedicated to the craft, his label having already signed numerous exceptional...


The Diplomat: Envisioning a United Nations of IT

This homegrown Aussie self-published author has always wanted to be a creator. Ever since she set eyes on the fantastical world of The Never Ending Story she has wanted to create her own vision, inspiring her to write a manuscript at the early age of 14. Now thanks to the...