How to stand out in a highly competitive content market

Content is king, but how do sales agents, distributors and rights holders demonstrate that their content is worthy or royalty?

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NEW: MUSO Piracy Intelligence for Content Protection Teams

MUSO are excited to announce the launch of Piracy Intelligence, a new game changer for content protection teams in the media and entertainment industry.

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MUSO Update: Scott Paterra joins MUSO as SVP of Business Development

MUSO are delighted to welcome Scott Paterra as their new SVP of Business Development.

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The importance of understanding the global piracy landscape

Global digital piracy continues to pose a significant threat to the entertainment industries. With a staggering 229.4 billion visits to piracy websites in 2023, representing a 6.7% increase from the previous year, piracy is on the rise across all media sectors. This data...

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Piracy To Profit: Unlicensed Audience Data As An Opportunity In The Entertainment Industry

New data from Kearney and MUSO, shows that visits to unlicensed global video content sites will have risen to an estimated 141 billion in 2023, increasing by 12% since 2019. In their new report, Kearney, the leading global consultancy in the Media and Entertainment (M&E)...

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The MUSO Product Blog: New Features And Enhancements

We're thrilled to announce some exciting updates and beta features that are sure to enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. Whether you're in content protection, legal, audience measurement, or research, these new features are designed to make your job easier...

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MUSO Update: Joy Marcus joins as Chairperson

MUSO are delighted to welcome Joy Marcus as their new Chair. Joy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the digital content landscape with global brands including Condé Naste, Time Warner and BBC Maestro.

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NEW: Global Piracy By Industry Report 2023

MUSO's latest report on the global trends in digital piracy across 2023 is now available. The report covers multiple media sectors across the entertainment industry.

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Webinar: Understanding Unlicensed Audiences

MUSO webinar: watch the recording now MUSO held the first in a series of webinars covering Unlicensed Audiences and audience measurement in the media and entertainment industry.

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Unlicensed Audience Data: A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity for the Entertainment Industry

Today Kearney releases its new report "Video content piracy-using the power of data and analytics to capture a multi-billion dollar opportunity" exclusively sourcing data from MUSO's unlicensed audience measurement platform, MUSO Discover.

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The MUSO Product Blog; Advanced Reporting Features

We’re pleased to announce new advanced reporting features for MUSO Protect and MUSO Discover to deliver faster, more actionable insights.

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The most popular film of 2023 from unlicensed audiences? We predict the most in demand.

As we near the end of 2023, you will see lots of charts detailing the most popular TV and film content across the year. However, is it possible to predict the most in-demand title from unlicensed sources? MUSO’s audience demand data provides deep insights into the...