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MUSO study shows strong correlation between Box Office and Unlicensed Audience data

A MUSO research study into the audience demand for nearly 100 films has proven that there is a very strong and statistically significant correlation between Box Office revenue and unlicensed consumption.

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The MUSO Product Blog

At MUSO, we're committed to delivering added value to our customers. We understand that innovation is the key to growth and we want to share some exciting updates on the features we've introduced over the past six months.

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MUSO contributes to major EUIPO study on piracy in the EU

MUSO is proud to be a major contributor to the EU IPO's latest report on piracy consumption in the EU, which shows that Europeans are consuming more pirated TV shows and live sports. The report titled "EU trends in the digital copyright infringement in the European Union"...

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MUSO and ICMP launch the Anti-Piracy Platform for ICMP global members

ICMP, the global trade body for the music publishing Industry, has partnered with MUSO to provide content protection services to its worldwide membership – which spans Major, Indie music companies and 76 national trade associations on 6 continents.


The Impact of Ghostwriting, Drake, AI, and the Music Industry's Future.

MUSO CEO Andy Chatterley discusses the potential of AI-generated music in a recent Music Business Worldwide article, raising important questions about its authenticity and legal implications.


We're nominated for a Webby award!

We're proud to share that MUSO has been nominated for a Webby Award under the "Data Management: Apps, dApps and Software" category!