Publishing and Manga piracy report |
May 2024

Publishing and Manga Piracy Trends 2023

See the trends in global piracy across all major sectors in the entertainment in 2023 focusing on publishing and Manga.
Piracy By Industry 2023 | MUSO
Mar 2024

The Global Piracy By Industry Report 2023

Whitepaper highlighting the trends in global piracy across all major sectors in the entertainment in 2023.
Film & TV Piracy Report YE Q123 | MUSO
Aug 2023

Film & TV Piracy Demand Report YE Q123

See the global  trends in unlicensed  demand for film and TV content and the challenges faced by the sector. 

Kearney Report | Commercialising Unlicensed Demand
White Paper
Feb 2024

Kearney Report: Commercialising Unlicensed Demand

A real opportunity exists for entertainment organisations to commercialise unlicensed consumer demand.

Publishing Piracy 2022 Report | MUSO
Jun 2023

Publishing Piracy Report YE Q1 2023

Whitepaper highlighting the publishing piracy trends in YE Q1 2023 and the steps that publishers can take to address IP theft.
Audience Measurement Roundtable | MUSO
Oct 2023

Industry Roundtable: Audience Measurement And Data

MUSO hosted a discussion with industry leaders to discuss audience measurement methods and challenges. See the discussion.
Film and TV 2022 Piracy Report  | MUSO
Mar 2023

Film And TV Piracy Trends Report 2022

This whitepaper highlights some of the trends we saw across the piracy landscape in 2021 focusing on the TV and film industries.

Moneyball Goldmine cover image
White Paper
Jun 2021

Hidden Treasure: How Piracy Data Can Be a Moneyball Goldmine

We discuss the evolution of unlicensed demand during the pandemic and how demand data could help the industry rapidly pivot (2021).
Displaced Cinema Audience Cover
Case study
Dec 2020

Has the displaced cinema audience become the new piracy audience?

We explore the wider trends in film piracy and how demand changed during COVID lockdown periods (2020).
Understanding Unlicensed Audiences mount
Mar 2024

Replay: Understand The Value Of Your Content

See how a MUSO client harnessed data-driven insights to uncover the true value of their titles, franchises and packages.

Understanding Unlicensed Audiences
Jan 2024

Replay: Understanding Unlicensed Audiences

Find out who unlicensed audiences are and how  tracking their behaviours can benefit entertainment businesses.

Publishing Piracy webinar replay
Jan 2024

Replay: Publishing Piracy Trends 2023

Watch this MUSO webinar to learn about the challenges, opportunities, and solutions for piracy  for publishers.