Why Piracy By Title?


Title Level Insights

Get detailed piracy demand analytics for your titles enabling you to focus and prioritise your efforts and resources.


Extensive Coverage

PBT covers over 800,000 TV and film titles, offering unparalleled visibility into where and how your content is being consumed.


Regional Granularity

Understand regional demand trends to develop highly targeted anti-piracy strategies and inform legal and compliance efforts.


Precision Protection

Granular insights help to maximise your protection budgets, enhance the effectiveness of takedown operations and target legal actions.


AI Driven Matching

AI driven matching algorithms enable the accurate tracking of piracy activity across global piracy sites, despite a constantly evolving digital landscape.


Dynamic Data

Daily data provides the most current snapshot of piracy activity available, crucial for timely and effective content protection actions.

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Drive Better ROI From Your Anti-Piracy Strategy

Advanced reporting functionality designed to empower content protection teams with actionable insights on specific titles, enabling them to strengthen the synergy between content protection and commercial strategy.



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The Publishing Piracy Report YE Q1 2023

MUSO's annual report highlights the global trends in illegal demand for publishing content outlines the solutions that publishers can employ to combat IP theft. 


The EUIPO Piracy Consumption Report

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