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MUSO Protect

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Data Driven Content Protection For Enterprise

MUSO Protect is a world leading automated content protection system. Powered by advanced technology and underpinned by MUSO’s unrivalled analysis and categorisation of the piracy ecosystem, MUSO has protected content for some of the world’s largest rights holders in the media industry for over a decade.

How MUSO Protect Works

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We ingest meta data at scale for all media sectors.  CSV files or industry specific formats (e.g. DDEX)

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We crawl global piracy domains, social platforms and search engines matching potential piracy files


Using a combination of AI and piracy experts, we verify and send a notice for all infringements

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We provide dynamic reporting and detailed updates via your centralised dashboard



AI-Driven Automation

MUSO’s end to end automated platform is working around the clock to find, verify and remove content at scale from the piracy ecosystem


Submit Infringements

Experience seamless anti-piracy management: submit any infringing URLs directly and enable global teams to collaborate seamlessly while maintaining control


Reporting Impact

Enhance your reporting with our easy to use dashboard: intuitive visuals, exportable reports for stakeholders, detailed compliance logs, and customise user access for efficient campaign oversight


Enforcement team

Our expert team secures swift compliance through established platform relationships and intermediary engagement, using automation for efficient process management directly within our dashboard


Flexible Protection Plans

Integrated with digital aggregators for automatic protection of pre-release and catalogue releases


Customised Protection

Leverage MUSO's expertise to build a fully customised service with a dedicated piracy expert managing your entire content protection campaign


Content Protection That Scales With Your Needs

MUSO offers a range of protection packages to suit your business needs

Automated Protection

Starting at £120/month
  • Automated discovery and removal of pirated content, 24/7
  • Unlimited takedowns
  • Includes cyberlocker, download, torrent and streaming sites
  • Search Engine delisting
  • Live infringement activity reporting from the dashboard
  • Access to MUSO’s ‘Submit Infringement’ tool
  • Record of all takedowns sent
  • Customer Support

Premium Protection

Starting at £240/month
  • All the features of Automated Protection PLUS;
  • Campaigns fully managed by MUSO’s team of experts
  • Additional Social Media, Search Engine, ISP and UGC Modules
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Additional manual verification of unmatched results

Custom Protection

Tailored - Talk to Us!
  • Create bespoke campaigns tailored to your needs
  • Additional piracy intelligence on your titles
  • Advanced regional content protection strategies
  • High volume catalogue and frontline protection strategies

Additional Modules For Enhanced Protection

Take any of our additional modules with our Premium and Custom packages


Escalation Services

Starting at £450/month
  • Escalation with third party intermediaries
  • Dedicated enforcement analyst
  • Detailed audit trail in the Dashboard

Social Media

Starting at £320/month
  • Identify and remove infringing Social Media posts
  • Expert verification
  • Access to MUSO's platform relationships
  • Choose from an extensive list of platforms

User Generated Content

Starting at £320/month
  • Identify and remove infringing UGC content
  • Expert verification
  • Access to MUSO's platform relationships
  • Choose from an extensive list of platforms



Visits to piracy websites measured in 2022



Web pages scanned 24/7



Infringements discovered



Google Delistings

Piracy Intelligence Insights

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In addition to content protection, MUSO provides data and reporting on the piracy landscape. 

Deep Insights into the piracy ecosystem

MUSO has the world’s largest database on piracy activity providing organisations with rich, actionable intelligence into the global piracy landscape by source, geography and sector including TV, film, publishing, music, gaming and software. 

Empowering the M&E sector

MUSO data equips rights holders and trade bodies to assess the impact of piracy on their businesses. It's an invaluable resource for formulating and refining content protection strategies, influencing both corporate actions and governmental policies effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of piracy do you remove?
    MUSO removes infringing digital content from cyberlockers, web downloads, torrent indexes streaming sites and de-lists from search engines as standard. MUSO can also detect and remove content from social media & UGC sites with our additional service modules.
  • How effective is your takedown process?
    File removal effectiveness varies depending on the compliance of the piracy hosting site, which is an ever-changing landscape that MUSO monitors closely. However, in every instance MUSO will perform a Google de-listing which will remove visibility of infringing results and elevate official content in search engine results.
  • How do you deal with language / local contexts?
    Piracy is a global issue which transcends language, borders and jurisdictions. However, MUSO's piracy dataset allows us to reveal and target the top piracy sites in each market, giving us an unprecedented understanding of local & cultural piracy nuances.
  • Which industries do you cover?
    MUSO has over 10 years of expertise in the content protection space across the Media and Entertainment Industry; working with global rights holders including TV, film, publishing, music, gaming and software. 
  • What reporting and analytics do you provide?
    MUSO’s innovative and easy to navigate dashboard allows customers to track the status of file/link detection and removal. The dashboard provides a full audit trail that can easily be downloaded via PNG or CSV.

2023 Book Piracy Trends And The Impact On Publishers

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If you are a publisher battling the rising tide of piracy and want to protect your authors, watch the replay of our recent webinar to arm yourself with actionable insights and effective strategies.

In this webinar our experts present an overview of the current landscape of digital book piracy and set out the challenges, opportunities, and solutions for publishers.


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2023 Book Piracy Trends Webinar
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