TV Piracy: What Audiences Are Consuming Right Now; w/e 12 Nov 23

TV Piracy: What Audiences Are Consuming Right Now; w/e 12 Nov 23

MUSO's latest analysis of unlicensed audience demand sheds light on the TV series that are captivating audiences around the world in the period from 6th to 12th November 2023. The most recent data, reflecting global downloads from piracy sites, points to a significant interest in a variety of genres, but dominated by sci-fi with "Loki S2 2023" and "Gen V S1 2023" continuing to lead the pack. The data offers a detailed look at which shows are being consumed outside the bounds of licensed streaming services.


The chart below presents a glimpse into the global TV show audience demand from unlicensed piracy websites for the period ending on the 11th of November 2023.


Key Insights


"Loki S2" is at the pinnacle of this week's chart with an impressive 26.0% audience share of the top ten titles, having increased its share of the top ten titles over the prior week. This indicates that the rich narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to draw viewers, even on unlicensed platforms.  

Following at a distance, "Gen V S1" captures 13.1% of the audience share having decreased from 17.3% in the week prior. The show's fresh take on the superhero genre continues to resonate with viewers, prompting many to turn to piracy sites to watch it.

"Rick and Morty S7" holds its ground with 9.7% audience share, a testament to the enduring appeal of the irreverent animated series. This suggests that even long-running shows can maintain their momentum and attract a steady stream of viewers, licensed or not.

"The Last of Us S1," a series adapted from the critically acclaimed video game, continues to dominate the top four titles with 8.7% of the audience share. The game's massive global audience as well as the show's post-apocalyptic narrative and emotional depth likely contribute to its unlicensed demand.  Notably, The Last Of Us continues to be the most pirated TV series of 2023.  

Intriguingly, "Bosch: Legacy S2" and "Upload S3" show robust figures with 7.7% and 7.4% audience shares respectively. These shows' performances highlight a craving for both procedural dramas and sci-fi musings within digital piracy audiences.

"Billions S7" remains a contender with a 7.2% share, indicating that high-stakes financial drama continues to intrigue viewers across various platforms.

"Doom Patrol S4", another superhero franchise continues to hold it’s position in the top ten and "Power Book IV: Force S2", a crime drama series, has entered the top ten most downloaded unlicensed shows, with 7.0% and 6.8% audience shares.   

The list is rounded out by "Invasion S2," securing a 6.5% share, showing that, despite a slip of four places in the top ten most downloaded TV shows vs. the prior week,  the appetite for science fiction and alien-themed dramas persists in the unlicensed sphere.

This dataset from MUSO is invaluable for understanding the current landscape of TV show piracy and global demand from a vast untapped audience. It illustrates not just the popular choices of unlicensed viewers but also underscores the broader issues of content accessibility and the challenges facing the industry in mitigating piracy. As streaming platforms and content creators strive to curtail the reach of unlicensed viewing, insights like these are crucial in crafting strategies that address the underlying reasons viewers resort to piracy, whether it be the cost of subscriptions, the availability of content, or the convenience of access. Recognizing these patterns is the first step in redirecting viewers towards legal viewing options and ensuring that creators are rightfully compensated for their work.

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