TV Piracy: What Audiences Are Consuming Right Now; w/e 19 Nov 23

TV Piracy: What Audiences Are Consuming Right Now; w/e 19 Nov 23

MUSO's Recent Analysis Highlights Shifts in TV Series Piracy in Mid-November 2023.  The most recent data, reflecting global downloads from piracy sites, indicates that unlicensed audiences are consuming a variety of genres, but sci-fi continues to dominate with "Loki S2 2023" and "Gen V S1 2023" continuing to lead the pack.

The chart below presents a glimpse into the global TV show audience demand from unlicensed piracy websites for the period ending on the 19th of November 2023.

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Key Insights


MUSO's latest unlicensed audience demand data reveals an evolving landscape of TV series piracy downloads for the week of 13th to 19th November 2023. The data, derived from downloads on global piracy sites, shows a diverse range of genres capturing the audience's attention, yet the sci-fi and superhero narratives continue to dominate.

At the top of the chart is "Loki S2 2023", continues to be the most downloaded unlicensed TV series commanding a substantial 20.4% of the audience share among the top ten titles. This marks a continuing trend where the Marvel Cinematic Universe's intricate storytelling captivates viewers, regardless of the platform's legality.  However its share has declined week on week as new entrants in the top ten have captivated significant unlicensed audience share.

"Rick and Morty S7 2023" has risen to 2nd place, claiming 12.6% of the audience share, having climbed a place in each of the previous 4 weeks. The consistent popularity of this animated series underscores its unique appeal and the loyalty of its fan base, transcending conventional viewing methods.

"Gen V S1 2023" holds a significant 11.5% share, a slight dip from previous weeks but still indicative of the strong interest in fresh superhero narratives. This series, alongside others, highlights the growing tendency of viewers to resort to piracy for access to such content.

Notable entries to this week's top ten include "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters S1 2023" and "Lessons in Chemistry S1 2023," both showing strong audience shares of 8.9% and 8.1%, respectively. These figures indicate a broadening interest in genres beyond the conventional, with viewers seeking varied storytelling experiences.

Financial drama "Billions S7 2023" and crime drama "Power Book IV: Force S2 2023" also continue to hold top ten positions after several weeks, demonstrating the diverse tastes of the piracy audience and the ongoing demand for high-stakes narratives.

MUSO’s audience demand data provides critical insights into the current dynamics of TV show piracy and global demand. It not only sheds light on popular choices among unlicensed viewers but also highlights the broader issues around content accessibility and the challenges the industry faces in addressing piracy. As streaming services and content creators continue efforts to limit unlicensed viewing, understanding these patterns becomes essential in developing strategies that tackle the root causes of piracy, be it cost, availability, or convenience. Recognizing these trends is a vital step in guiding viewers towards legal viewing channels and ensuring fair compensation for creators.

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