Film Piracy: What Audiences Are Consuming Right Now, w/e 26th Nov

Film Piracy: What Audiences Are Consuming Right Now, w/e 26th Nov

MUSO's latest audience demand snapshot for the week of 20th to 26th November 2023 continues to provide film and TV professionals with critical insights into the realm of unlicensed film downloads. This data not only showcases which titles are resonating with global audiences but also offers an in-depth look at the geographical distribution of this demand, presenting a clearer picture of what content viewers are truly seeking.

The chart below encapsulates global film audience demand from unlicensed file downloads for the week ending 26th November 2023.

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Key Insights 


  • "Oppenheimer" Tops the Chart: "Oppenheimer" leads the chart for the 2nd time in three weeks with a commanding 25.0% of the audience share, reflecting its immense popularity and highlighting the significant potential revenue losses due to piracy. This title was pushed into 2nd place last week by surging demand for the “Creator”, but this title has since seen a considerable dip in demand from unlicensed audiences after only one week. The resurgent high demand for Oppenheimer, likely from the release on PVOD on the 21st November, signals the ongoing challenge for the industry to make such content readily available and affordable on legal platforms.

  • Diverse Genres Attracting Global Audiences: Following "Oppenheimer," films like "The Creator" and "Leo" captured 15.1% and 10.5% of the audience share, respectively. These figures indicate a global audience's varied interests, spanning from innovative narratives to traditional action and thriller genres.

  • Regional Variances in Piracy: The data on piracy downloads by country provides additional context. For instance, films like "Trolls Band Together" and "The Marsh King's Daughter" show a significant disparity in piracy demand across different regions, with the USA accounting for 30.25% of piracy demand, followed by China (6.47%) and the Philippines (4.66%). This geographical breakdown is crucial for understanding regional preferences and tailoring distribution strategies accordingly.

  • Sequels and Franchises Still in Demand: "The Equalizer 3" and "Expend4bles" held their own with 7.9% and 7.5% shares, emphasising the enduring appeal of established franchises. This trend might be attributed to factors like delayed releases or lack of regional availability, prompting fans to turn to unlicensed sources.

  • Broad Appeal of Animated and Family Films: The presence of "Barbie" on the chart with a 6.7% share continues to underscore the diverse demographic engaged in film piracy. This suggests that content catering to families and broader gender groups is just as susceptible to piracy as more adult-oriented genres.

  • Horror and Suspense Maintain Strong Presence: Films like "Saw X" and "The Killer 2023," with respective shares of 5.8% and 5.7%, confirm the strong appeal of the horror and suspense genres on piracy platforms, resonating with audiences seeking thrilling experiences.

This comprehensive data snapshot from MUSO is invaluable for professionals in the film and TV industry. It not only sheds light on the types of films being pirated but also provides essential insights into geographical variations in audience preferences. Such information is key to formulating effective strategies that bridge the gap between audience demand and legal content consumption, ensuring films are accessible through legitimate channels while also addressing the challenges posed by film piracy​

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