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See The True Picture Of Audience Demand

MUSO Discover measures unlicensed audience demand on over 730,000 titles globally, enabling you to see the true demand for your content that is unrestricted by region or platform. With rapid insights, content and marketing teams can supercharge their content strategies to maximise ROI or discover the next big hits.

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Supercharge Your Content Strategy

Measure Content Performance In Every Market

See unlicensed audience demand for over 730,000 film and TV titles by genre, distribution method, production company or platform at a regional or global level.


Benchmark Content Performance vs. The Competition

Compare film and TV titles or franchises by production company, country of origin and demand region. Identify opportunities to offer content ahead of rivals, creating a competitive advantage for your business.

See What Related Content Your Audience Is Consuming

With the MUSO Discover Affinity Module, see what related titles your audience is consuming and capture audience preferences to optimise your marketing strategy and target new audiences.


Optimise Your Windowing Strategy

Windowing strategies are key to maximising income. Optimise revenue generated by analysing release strategies for previous titles and measuring current demand data regionally or globally.

Predict Success Of Future Titles

Use rich audience demand data on titles, catalogues and genres to predict the success of your content.


Why MUSO Discover?

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Global Reach

MUSO Discover is the world's biggest repository of current content demand measuring over 730,000 film and TV shows. Content teams can see what audiences want to watch and deliver in-demand content.

A Single Measurement Methodology

MUSO's unbiased and independently validated methodology provides a unified approach to audience demand, enabling you to maximise the value of your content. MUSO's data is a vital tool in your research toolkit alongside legitimate demand data to show true content demand.


A Truer Picture Of Demand

MUSO Discover has the largest unrestricted coverage of titles, unconstrained by platform or geography. See what content is in demand right now and in which regions, enabling you to acquire, sell and market content that is hot, in the territories where it is trending.


Webinar: Understanding The Value Of Your Content

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Uncover the true value of titles, franchise and packages 

Perfect for rights owners, this webinar explores how film and TV companies can use audience data to maximise the value of their content. See how a MUSO TV client harnessed audience insights to uncover the true value of their individual titles, franchises, and packages both regionally and in relation to affinity with VOD platforms.


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Visits measured in 2022 across all sectors






Streams & downloads measured for film & TV titles




Discover Use Cases

  • Which existing titles should I buy?

    In the highly competitive content environment, understanding which content to buy, produce or invest in at a regional level is more important than ever.  With MUSO Discover users can quickly and easily understand which content is most popular in terms of total volume as well as popularity at internet user level by country, in order to drive the highest levels of customer subscription, engagement and retention.

  • Is my unreleased title likely to be successful?

    Traditional audience measurement methods such as box office data and home entertainment measurement are both expensive and are greatly affected by common biases, such as availability, pricing, weather, scheduling and windowing.  Creating comparison title groups is often challenging, due to short monitoring periods of titles for both box office and home entertainment, greatly limiting the number of titles to utilise.


    MUSO Discover allows users access to over 730,000 titles globally with daily demand directly measured, ensuring the widest range of appropriate comparison titles to use as a proxy to predict likely success of key themes, sub-genres, actors & directors, reducing the risk of potential loss and supporting marketing with better understanding the key themes that resonate with audiences in different countries.

  • Where should I sell my content to leverage existing demand and maximise revenue?

    Extracting the greatest value from your content in this increasingly competitive landscape as well as utilising a data driven approach is essential.  MUSO Discover allows content owners and rights holders use the world’s biggest demand level data set to leverage directly measured demand on their titles.

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Industry Roundtable: Audience Measurement And Data

MUSO hosted a discussion with industry leaders to discuss audience measurement methods and challenges


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