MUSO’s Global Music Piracy Insight Report 2016 Released

MUSO’s Global Music Piracy Insight Report 2016 Released
  • 28% of all visits to piracy sites in 2015 were through mobile devises, up 8% during the year.
  • From January 2015 to December 2015, 12 billion visits to websites were to stream pirated content, 44% of this piracy activity was via mobile devices.
  • 58 billion visits were to websites which stream pirated film and TV content online, with 28% tracked via mobile streaming piracy.
  • 2015 saw a 25% rise in the use of YouTube Ripper sites, used primarily for downloading MP3’s from YouTube music Videos.
  • Despite these changes in behaviour, piracy levels remained relatively static throughout the year, with a 5% overall decline.

2015 demonstrated an increasing behavioural shift towards mobile streaming piracy. These figures were drawn through analysis of global traffic from 14,000 of the largest global piracy websites, compromising of over 141 billion visits to these sites.

Following the trends towards mobile streaming piracy, ‘YouTube ripper’ piracy from mobile devices overtook piracy from desktop devices, growing by 46% last year. The usage of these sites has proved to be far larger than previously accounted, making up 17.7% of all visits to piracy sites for music content.


Additional highlights show that many developed countries, such as the UK and the United States, saw a significant decrease in streaming piracy, potentially due to increasing popularity of legal music and video streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. Yet, streaming piracy levels have remained consistent on a global level, with many countries and regions showing a rise in audience numbers.

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The content protection industry has long struggled with proving value of its services.
In short, it is challenging to draw a clear line between content removal and revenue
loss prevention.

MUSO's approach to content protection is grounded in the company’s industry leading database of piracy sites, and our understanding of the audiences that visit them. It is underpinned by the fact that not all illegally hosted content is equally popular meaning some content removals are more impactful than others.

To better measure the impact of anti-piracy, MUSO have developed three metrics.

  • Removal impact score
  • Visits disrupted
  • Users displaced

In our white paper: Measuring ROI in Content Protection, we reveal how these three metrics can answer the question: How valuable is anti-piracy?




MUSO collects data from billions of piracy infringements every day to help entertainment companies and rights owners see a bigger picture. With an unrivalled data platform, digital content database covering 196 countries, millions of measured devices and billions of piracy pages continuously tracked, MUSO empowers entertainment companies and rights holders to win against digital piracy. Clients can easily discover the total extent of piracy using a unique data set and build better intelligence to protect their digital content more effectively, as well as connect with audiences to unlock new revenue streams.

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