Anti-piracy revolution continues for global music and film artists

Anti-piracy revolution continues for global music and film artists

LONDON ‐ September 17th 2012 ‐ Online anti-piracy platform MUSO today announced a world-first with the launch of 'MUSO SEO', a new solution allowing rights-holders to automatically search and remove illegally infringing Google search engine results for their content with just a click of a button.

MUSO’s online dashboard has been an industry-leading tool for over 1,000 rights holders in film, music and publishing industries globally since 2009, automatically searching and removing illegal files from many hundreds of cyberlockers, torrents and UGC destinations across millions of web pages. In 2012, MUSO’s anti-piracy solution has – at certain times – protected almost 50% of titles in the UK & North American Top 10 charts for music and film content, and their new tool compliments the existing technology in providing a fully-optimised, end-to-end piracy solution.

MUSO SEO takes a different approach from the current observed trend in removing Google links en-mass, instead working as an optimization tool to primarily remove illegal Google links which are troublesome, including websites refusing to comply with legal takedown notices, sites immediately republishing illegal content after takedown and sites with massive scale links to illegal material.

By optimising the most popular Google search results for rights holders’ content, and not removing search results for which MUSO has already disabled the source links, the company subsequently discovered an exponential increase in time taken for users to find and consume illegal content*, creating a highly negative experience and encouraging users to focus on downloading quality content at convenient legal destinations.

“MUSO SEO takes our online dashboard – and the anti-piracy market in general – a step further in applying a degree of intelligence in observing current behaviour online, giving rights holders total control of their online space and ensuring potential audiences are first and foremost exposed to great quality, legal content in the most convenient way”, says director Christopher Elkins. “We continue to focus on providing the fastest, most cost effective platform possible for media companies of all sizes to correctly market and expose their audiences to the best quality content at all times”.

About MUSO:

Based in London and Los Angeles, MUSO works with over 1,000 businesses – from small niche content makers to NASDAQ-listed corporations. Businesses and individuals can register online at for a free 14-day trial.

*Based on trial data analysis conducted from 01.07.2012 – 01.09.2012. Client case study available at MUSO

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