Andy Chatterley, discusses piracy audiences with BBC World News

Andy Chatterley, discusses piracy audiences with BBC World News

MUSO CEO, Andy Chatterley, recently featured on BBC World News to discuss Retune, MUSO’s first piracy marketing platform, ahead of the Brit Awards 2016. Retune is MUSO’s major addition in the range of market analytics and audience connection products, allowing rights-holders’ content to be directly marketed to piracy audiences.

With over 400m visits to piracy sites, piracy is still a major issue, costing the UK £200m annually. MUSO’s Retune platform works by distributing legal content, with an on-brand message, through the piracy network to connect with audiences. By using Retune, Chatterley explains how rights-holders are connecting with an audience who would otherwise use piracy.

“We aren’t utilising it as a monetisation method,” Chatterley explains. “What we do is we’re connecting back to the audience. What we’re saying then is ‘Look, here is some free content’ – this could be one way of doing it. We’ll then try to look at data, data-capture you and connect you back to the campaign of the rights holder. This could be as simple as redirecting you to streaming, such as Spotify or iTunes platform.”

In development since 2013, Retune is an innovative product, building on the foundations of effective content protection. Retune creates a clear direction for rights-holders to reconnect back to their audience with legal channels. This opens up new opportunities for rights owners to reach a bigger and more highly engaged audience.

“The message we are trying to get across is that pirates downloading content are often fans trying to get [your] album early. It is someone who is engaged enough that they are trying to get it before the release date,” Andy Chatterley explains.

MUSO is the world’s leading content protection, data-analytics and piracy audience marketing solutions provider. Retune has been successfully piloted across some of the biggest album releases over the past 12 months and is now available for the music sector. With Retune, MUSO is able to “understand what this dark audience is doing, which is vast,” Chatterley says, concluding that this data provides a huge opportunity for rights-holders to reconnect with their audiences.

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