MUSO and ICMP launch the Anti-Piracy Platform for ICMP global members

MUSO and ICMP launch the Anti-Piracy Platform for ICMP global members

ICMP, the global trade body for the music publishing Industry, has partnered with MUSO 
to provide content protection services to its worldwide membership – which spans Major, Indie music companies and 76 national trade associations on 6 continents. 

This partnership, which launches The ICMP Anti-Piracy Platform (APP) powered by MUSO – will counter 
the pervasive issue of Illegal musical content online. 

Unauthorised copyrighted digital content and sheet music is a major problem for music publishers, composers 
and songwriters globally. It is an industrialised and commercialised activity, one which ICMP is combatting via 
regulation and technology. 

The new ICMP APP, powered by MUSO, will reduce illegal use of musical works online for ICMP member
companies by leveraging MUSO’s expertise and proven track record in digital content protection.

With this partnership and the platform launch, ICMP members will be able to monitor and protect their entire catalogue of copyrighted music using MUSO Protect, an AI automated content protection solution. MUSO Protect first identifies infringing content online, then sends 'takedown' notices against infringers. In Europe, many of these notices will now be 'stay down' notices - based on Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive, which ICMP played a key role in realising.  Once removed, the APP provides users with a dashboard with reports on removals.

Furthermore, MUSO and ICMP will work together on collating piracy data, thereby supplementing the trade 
body’s daily work with governments and authorities worldwide. 

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