The Impact of Ghostwriting, Drake, AI, and the Music Industry's Future.

The Impact of Ghostwriting, Drake, AI, and the Music Industry's Future.

MUSO CEO Andy Chatterley discusses the potential of AI-generated music in a recent Music Business Worldwide article, raising important questions about its authenticity and legal implications.

As an ex-record producer and CEO of MUSO, a company that measures unlicensed demand to protect and grow businesses, Andy Chatterley understands the power of data in the music industry. MUSO tracks billions of visits, views, and downloads from piracy websites every day, providing its customers with insights that drive ROI and value. 

In a recent article on Music Business Worldwide, Andy discussed the growing furore over the Ghostwriter track, an AI-generated mashup of Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey. While acknowledging the potential democratisation of music production through AI, Andy raises important questions about the authenticity of AI-generated music and the legal and philosophical implications of its use. Additionally, the article highlighted the difficulty in identifying the source data used by AI models to create music and the question of who owns the AI-generated music.

In this context, the value of data provided by companies like MUSO becomes even more significant. With the right data, businesses can make informed decisions about their content strategies, identify potential infringement, and protect their intellectual property. As Andy points out, AI is still in its early stages and is unlikely to replace human creativity, but it has the potential to facilitate it. In this evolving landscape, the importance of reliable data and insights cannot be overstated.

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