The MUSO Product Blog; Advanced Reporting Features

The MUSO Product Blog; Advanced Reporting Features

We’re pleased to announce new advanced reporting features for MUSO Protect and MUSO Discover to deliver faster, more actionable insights.

Enterprise Reporting for MUSO Protect

For our MUSO Protect clients, we have launched new granular reporting features designed to speed up and broaden access to the data that matters.

Key benefits

  • Obtain a comprehensive insight into enforcement actions for your entire suite of titles.
  • Clear and transparent reporting on compliance levels and timings.
  • User friendly customisable reporting, enables the quick and easy generation of tailored reports, and allows users to efficiently share relevant data and insights with various stakeholders 
  • Understand trends in compliance levels, both by piracy category and for specific sites


  • Detailed breakdown and visualisations of takedown compliance rates and status, broken down by piracy category (Cyberlocker, Torrent, UGC etc)
  • Detailed breakdown and visualisations on takedown completion times, including the ability to drill down by domain-by-domain 
  • Detailed breakdown and visualisations of timings from infringement discovery to takedown notice sending, including the ability to drill down by domain-by-domain 
  • All reports customisable by date range and title selection
  • Highly granular data tables, fully filterable, with download data via CSV 

Piracy Intelligence dashboard

MUSO’s Piracy Intelligence dashboard has new advanced reporting functionality designed to empower you with actionable insights and data visualisations for specific titles, enabling you to strengthen the synergy between content protection and commercial strategy.

Strategic benefits

Our data insights are pivotal in empowering you to make informed decisions for protecting content and driving commercial gains.

  • Customised Content Protection: Leverage title-level data to tailor your protection strategies, recognising that each title’s piracy footprint is unique.
  • Regional Insights: Fine-tune your global content protection efforts with access to specific regional piracy data.
  • Trend Awareness: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding how piracy trends for your titles evolve across different countries and regions.
  • Enforcement Guidance: Use domain trend data to inform and enhance your enforcement activities against piracy domains.

Product access and features

  • Title level trends: track the volume of piracy downloads for your titles in every country.
  • Accessibility: With account access, log in to view the latest monthly trends for each of your titles.
  • Data Visualisations: Insightful graphs and charts detailing daily torrent downloads, web downloads by country/domain, and the highest traffic piracy domains.
  • Reporting: Set up comprehensive PDF reports for in-depth analysis
  • Monthly Subscription: Seamless access through a monthly subscription model.


If you'd like to find out more about our new reporting features, or see how they can benefit your team, get in touch.



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