The MUSO Product Blog

The MUSO Product Blog

At MUSO, we're committed to delivering added value to our customers. We understand that innovation is the key to growth and we want to share some exciting updates on the features we've introduced over the past six months.

Here's a brief overview of the updates we've made by product group.

MUSO Protect

Google Status Redesign

We've made improvements to our status definitions to enhance transparency and accuracy in tracking infringing links. Now, you'll find three clear status indicators:

  • In Progress: We're in the process of submitting the URL to Google.
  • Complete: The submission to Google is finished (the link was sent).
  • Rejected: Unfortunately, Google has rejected the link.

We've eliminated the guesswork.

Dashboard Performance

Our optimised dashboard now provides real-time access to data, making it easier for you to query large volumes of data. No more timeouts when selecting numerous links, and you can query extended date ranges instead of relying on preset data sets. Filtering files is now seamless and hassle-free.

ISP Audit Trail

We've introduced an ISP Audit Trail feature, allowing you to track ISP events from the MUSO Dashboard. Additionally, we've added a new status, "In Progress - ISP", signifying that the takedown has been escalated to the domain's ISP and is progressing. This audit trail enhances transparency and reporting, adding more value to your experience.

Twitter and Instagram Status Checking

Our system previously faced challenges in identifying link statuses on Twitter and Instagram. To overcome this, we've implemented a smarter proxy solution using Selenium Grid to accurately determine link statuses. But wait, there's more to come!

We are in the process of releasing new sets of reports that will allow our customers to have more transparency on their data.


MUSO Discover

Historical Data Sync

Get ready for a 36% increase in streaming activity data covering more titles. You can now analyse daily streaming trends dating back to July 2019 (previously January 2022), allowing for more comprehensive trend analysis.

IMDB ID Functionality

For our Discover clients, we've simplified the process of creating groups based on titles. Now, you can use IMDB IDs to avoid errors associated with titles, streamlining your operations.

Open Beta for Affinity Reports

We're thrilled to introduce the open beta for our title affinity analysis report within Piracy By Title. This feature enables you to explore audience crossover among a wide range of films and TV shows, both globally and within key markets. You'll gain deeper insights into your audience.

What's Next?

We're in the process of rolling out new sets of reports, providing you with increased transparency into your data. Additionally, we're actively developing a Demographics feature to help you better understand your audience. Our team has also been hard at work on automations, integrations, and other features to enhance your overall MUSO user experience. Our goal is to make your journey with us as seamless and productive as possible. 

Our product teams continuously strive to build a better product and user experience. Watch this space for further news and updates on product, data and UX enhancements


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