MUSO Launch Piracy Business Intelligence at Mipcom

MUSO Launch Piracy Business Intelligence at Mipcom

MUSO welcomes the fifth consecutive year of innovation at Mipcom, introducing a new business intelligence platform designed to help film & TV companies maximize value in new release content.

The London-based content protection, data analytics and audience reconnection provider will debut its Market Analytics platform at Cannes during October 17-20th. Market Analytics provides film & TV executives involved in the sale or acquisition of content the ability to make highly informed decisions using a whole new dataset, for the first time.

The solution provides real-time piracy audience behavior trends using big-data to highlight both global and regional demand, particularly around pre-release and new release content.
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MUSO work with over 1,000 rights holders globally and the company’s Market Analytics platform will also support key changes to their anti-piracy platform in now providing a measurement-led approach to content protection. Measuring global and regional demand with anti-piracy metrics showing availability of pirated content enables rights owners to closely measure ROI when protecting content through the release window.

Speaking ahead of Mipcom, Chief Commercial Officer Christopher Elkins said:

“MUSO have worked with closely with the film & TV industry for over eight years, and this is our fifth consecutive year at Mipcom, so we feel the development of our Market Analytics platform really is the culmination of the industry telling us what they need.”

“A huge part of our ongoing mission is in providing longer-term insight around global piracy audience demand, and build it into business use platforms. The goal ultimately is in providing these large, often un-serviced regional audiences, with better and more visible options for legal content, and Market Analytics is the underlying platform supporting these functions.”

At MipTV earlier this year, MUSO unveiled the Global Piracy Insights Report 2016, which revealed 57 billion visits to streaming sites in 2015 and highlighted that the USA wjkkkjmas number 1 for piracy.


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