Frank Ocean’s 2.3m ‘Blonde’ piracy audience

Frank Ocean’s 2.3m ‘Blonde’ piracy audience

MUSO, the leading content protection, data-analytics and piracy audience reconnection solutions provider, has measured a piracy audience of over 2.3m globally to date for the highly anticipated new release by Frank Ocean.

‘Blonde’ debuted exclusively on Apple Music on August 25 and marks the return of one of R&B music’s brightest stars after a four-year hiatus.

With strong critical acclaim, a of lack of availability across all legal platforms and an unabated, long-standing audience demand, market conditions may have leant a significant proportion of consumers to make a straight choice between a high quality authorised legal streaming option on Apple Music, or an unauthorised, but highly convenient piracy market download.

‘Blonde’ was available via mp3 format during the initial exclusivity window from August 25-September 9th on Apple Music. As of the 29th of September 2016 over 2.28m people globally have picked up a copy of ‘Blonde’ via P2P/web download platforms. Demand remained high a month after release, with 140k downloads globally via the piracy market from 21-28th September. MUSO have excluded web streaming piracy figures from this analysis.
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‘Blonde’ is the focus of MUSO’s new Market Insights special report: ‘Exclusivity vs. Availability: Piracy’s Impact on Frank Ocean’s Blond’ this month, available as a digital download for MUSO subscribers. This new report looks in closer detail the piracy trends throughout the first month of release, and how the Apple Music exclusivity window impacted on piracy numbers.

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