Webinar: Understanding Unlicensed Audiences

Webinar: Understanding Unlicensed Audiences

MUSO webinar: watch the recording now

MUSO held the first in a series of webinars covering Unlicensed Audiences and audience measurement in the media and entertainment industry.  

The webinar Understanding Unlicensed Audiences offers a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of unlicensed audiences, their behaviours and their impact on the media and entertainment industries.

The initial session covers;

  • Understanding Your Consumers
    Learn about this huge global audience and why understanding their behaviour is so important.
  • Innovative Data Collection Methods
    See how unlicensed audience data is collected, tracked and measured.
  • Audience Understanding and Engagement
    Understand how unlicensed audience data can significantly enhance content strategy, market research capabilities and investment decisions.
  • Interactive Q&A
    See the questions raised by audience peers regarding unlicensed audience data and it's applications.


Watch the recording now and find out how unlicensed audience data can help to maximise the value of your content.



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