Measuring ROI in Content Protection: How valuable is anti-piracy?

Measuring ROI in Content Protection: How valuable is anti-piracy?

The content protection industry has long struggled with proving value of its services.
In short, it is challenging to draw a clear line between content removal and revenue
loss prevention.

MUSO's approach to content protection film is grounded in the company’s industry leading database of piracy sites, and our understanding of the audiences that visit them. It is underpinned by the fact that not all illegally hosted content is equally popular meaning some content removals are more impactful than others.

To better measure the impact of anti-piracy, MUSO have developed three metrics.

  • Removal impact score
  • Visits disrupted
  • Users displaced

In our white paper: Measuring ROI in Content Protection, we reveal how these three metrics can answer the question: How valuable is anti-piracy?

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As the financier, the company is responsible across the value chain to the content creators and distributors alike. They found piracy to be prolific for their releases and wanted to take action to keep both their investments secure, and partners happy. For a key 2019 film release, MUSO implemented an innovative data-driven approach to the content piracy protection and tailored solutions to the customer objectives.

“MUSO’s approach to our content gave me confidence in their services. Results have been impressive, and I’ve got everyone onside with the film's extra 129k increase in paid consumption.” - Amy, Investment Manager

How does data-driven content protection deliver value?

In our case study: “How a film financier used MUSO to drive over 100k extra paying consumers from piracy” we reveal the impact of the campaign.

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MUSO collects data from billions of piracy infringements every day to help entertainment companies and rights owners see a bigger picture. With an unrivalled data platform, digital content database covering 196 countries, millions of measured devices and billions of piracy pages continuously tracked, MUSO empowers entertainment companies and rights holders to win against digital piracy. Clients can easily discover the total extent of piracy using a unique data set and build better intelligence to protect their digital content more effectively, as well as connect with audiences to unlock new revenue streams.