Meet the founders



Andy Chatterley has over 20 years experience in the Music Industry as a Grammy nominated producer and songwriter working with artists such as Kanye West, Kylie and The Pussy Cat Dolls before founding MUSO. He saw this as a very necessary solution to the growing issue of online piracy he had personally experienced. Andy has since built a strong reputation as a visionary and thought-leader in the unlicensed digital content space amongst media and the wider industry. He was recognised as one of the 100 Coolest People in UK Tech 2017 by Business Insider and plays an instrumental role in leading the company as CEO.



After graduating in software engineering, James worked for several technology start-ups through his burgeoning career, specialising in developing enterprise level, high scale, data focused software applications. He has carried this experience into his role as CTO for the company, and it has proved invaluable since co-founding the company. James has proven to be a leading innovator in the field of online piracy technology and manages MUSO's team of developers, engineers and data scientists, ensuring MUSO remains at the forefront of anti-piracy solutions in the entertainment sector.



Christopher has 20 years experience in the music and media technology industries. Having co-founded and navigated a successful exit of one of the largest music portals in the UK through the first wave of the internet explosion, he is a seasoned entrepreneur. Constantly striving to bridge the gap between technology, commercial strategy and the creative industries, Christopher has become a sought after guest speaker and panellist at prominent entertainment, technology and content conferences across the world. He is also a keen journalist; writing for several noted music and technology publications.