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MUSO webinar: watch the recording now

MUSO's recent webinar explored a real-world case study of a MUSO Discover customer. You'll see firsthand how they harnessed data-driven insights to:

  • Uncover the true value of individual titles, franchises, and packages
  • Identify content with high affinity with VOD platforms to maximise the sale value of their content

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How MUSO Discover empowers content creators with granular data analytics
  • How to identify regional variances in content popularity and distribution opportunities
  • Real-world case study insights from a successful MUSO Discover customer

This webinar is perfect for content owners, distributors, and anyone who wants to:

  • Maximize content monetization across VOD platforms Gain deeper insights into audience preferences and consumption habits
  • Make smarter data-driven content licensing decisions

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MUSO Discover for the entertainment industry

MUSO Discover measures unlicensed audience demand on over 730,000 titles globally, enabling you to see the true demand for your content that is unrestricted by region or platform. With rapid insights, content and marketing teams can supercharge their content strategies to maximise ROI or discover the next big hits.

MUSO's data is used to:

  • Understand the value of content for sale or distribution
  • Discover in-demand titles for acquisition
  • Discover popularity trends for content commission
  • Analyse windowing impact strategies
  • Uncover new audiences
  • Highlight trends and popularity amongst genres and titles

MUSO Discover Product Guide

Find out more about how MUSO Discover works with our downloadable pdf.
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