MUSO Protect for Authors

Defend your published works.

MUSO Protect for Authors

Content protection for published works

Intelligent protection 24/7

Using your books’ metadata, MUSO finds infringing files and issues takedowns to thousands of sites, and removes search engine results to limit demand.

Targeting piracy at the source

Our industry-leading technology allows your to take control of your protection.
Action takedowns to:

  • Web crawling of top piracy domains to remove illegal files on cyberlocker & torrent sites
  • Automated Google search de-listings to disrupt piracy journeys
  • Tools to report UGC & Social infringements
  • Daily removal update emails to help you manage your content

Affordable pricing

Get setup today with MUSO to take control of your content online.

Publishing Protection
Pricing per month

Per Book
Per Author (unlimited books)


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