Driving piracy traffic to licensed legal content

Understanding what your audience wants


It is easy to forget that piracy users are very often fervent fans. The motivating factors for online piracy are as much about lack of availability as they are about getting something for free.

MUSO's Retune technology uses piracy networks as a delivery system to create controlled content and a clear pathway for audiences being lost to piracy to reconnect to legal channels. It provides a whole new world of insight and data, allowing you to expand your audience and give them a better online experience.




Of all Internet bandwidth
is piracy related

Its bigger than you think

24% of all internet bandwidth, over 50 billion piracy visits per year, all in all people want content. MUSO's Retune technology works seamlessly with our anti-piracy technology to remove illegal files and links and replace them with content that we control, allowing us to drive audiences away from piracy and back towards licensed digital platforms.

We use piracy distribution channels to mimic online behavior typically seen in commercial piracy, and re-direct their attention to pre-sale, previews, streaming or any other desired destinations. We do this in a sympathetic, on-brand way that reflects the attitude and ethos of each individual rights holder.

Key features

  • Fully automated content delivery service to piracy audience
  • Targeted click-through traffic to legal channels
  • Optional remarketing advertisement system
  • Dedicated Retune account manager
  • Fully managed removal of illegal content
  • Customisable and bespoke content creation for each campaign
  • Fully transparent detailed reporting

Contact our Retune team

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