Publishing Piracy Trends Webinar_Mar24

Webinar: 2023 digital book piracy trends and the impact on publishers

If you are a publisher battling the rising tide of piracy and want to protect your authors, you can watch the recording of our recent webinar to arm yourself with actionable insights and effective strategies. 

In this webinar, MUSO's content protection experts give an overview of the current landscape of digital book piracy and set out the challenges, opportunities, and solutions for publishers.

  • 2023 publishing piracy trends
    A deep dive into the 2023 trends in digital book piracy
  • Granular sector spotlight:
    We will take a look at the different publishing sub categories and regional nuances from fiction to academic journals
  • Actionable Inisghts
    Get practical tips and effective strategies to safeguard your IP against piracy
  • Interactive Q&A
    See the questions raised by audience peers regarding unlicensed audience data and it's applications

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MUSO Protect for the publishing industry

MUSO is a leading anti-piracy and analytics company that helps publishers and authors protect their copyrighted works from online piracy. MUSO uses a range of advanced technologies and techniques to monitor and analyse the internet for unauthorised copies of copyrighted books. MUSO also works with search engines and social media platforms to remove links to pirated content, making it more challenging for users to access pirated copies of books.