MUSO Protect is the best-in-class automated content protection system. 


    Powered by advanced technology and underpinned by MUSO's unrivalled analysis and categorisation of the piracy ecosystem, MUSO has protected content for some of the world's largest rights-holders in all media sectors for over a decade.

    MUSO Protect offers a scalable and instant solution to the challenges of digital piracy, whether you are an individual creator or a multinational with an extensive catalogue of titles.

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    • Automated discovery and removal of pirated content
    • Scanning over 6,000 piracy sites per minute
    • Over 25 billion pages constantly scanned
    • Over 150,000 piracy sites covered
    • Includes: cyberlockers, web downloads, public and private torrents, stream ripping, streaming sites and others
    • Search engines delisting


    • Grey market, social media and UGC sites
    • Removal status automatically checked every 15 minutes
    • Live infringement activity reporting from the dashboard
    • Recorded audit of all takedowns sent and removed.
    • Live customer support
    • Automated, 24/7 protection
    • Pricing tailored to your needs



    MUSO Protect - Case Study

    MUSO Protect works with all types of customers ranging from multinational entertainment companies to self-released authors and music artists.

    MUSO Protect customers have one thing in common, they want the quickest, most effective and cost-efficient solution to remove illegal copies of their content.

    Piracy Ecosystem

    Piracy is a complex and constantly evolving ecosystem, with billions of pages offering content via multiple delivery methods. MUSO Protect is a data-driven solution powered by the MUSO Discover platform, that tracked over 182 billion visits to piracy sites in 2021. This equates to 54 piracy site visits for every person with internet access globally.

    The Challenge

    A large rights-holder suffered a leak of a flag-ship TV Series. Having previously experienced the impact of piracy on unprotected content, they needed to take immediate action and contacted MUSO.

    The Solution

    MUSO’s technology enabled instant searching across more than 25 billion piracy web pages as well as search engines, social media and user-generated content sites.

    The Outcome

    This resulted in the removal of over 500 illegal files, over 8,500 search engine delistings and over 600 social media and UGC links (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc) within the first 24 hours from that initial contact. 

    There are several key strategies for any effective anti-piracy campaign. Illegal files often have multiple links into them and are shared on multiple forums and social media posts, by removing the files directly, piracy is removed at source. 

    MUSO data indicates that only 28% of piracy site visits are via search engines, with most users going directly to their piracy site of choice. However, search engine delistings are still an important part of any anti-piracy strategy, especially when dealing with the issue of casual piracy. Search engine delistings also have the benefit of organically optimising the search results (SEO).

    Within one week of this campaign starting, there were no illegal links available on the first 7 pages of Google. 

    Social media websites (eg. Twitter & Facebook ) and UGC (eg. YouTube & Vimeo) are often the platforms where users first share pirated links.  MUSO’s proactive and instant removals from these platforms ensured that the initial damage of the leak was stemmed within the first 24 hours of the campaign commencing.

    Content protection continued throughout the broadcast period removing more than 200,000 infringing files, links and listings.

    Using MUSO’s Discover piracy data these removals stopped an estimated 2-2.5 million visits and downloads for the series within the first 30 days had the files not been removed.

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