MUSO Discover measures unlicensed audience demand data across the piracy ecosystem, arguably the world's largest Video On Demand platform.

    • Measuring unlicensed streaming and torrent consumption of over 325K+ film and TV titles globally.
    • Daily data from over 5.6 billion torrent downloads and more than 58.6 million streaming pages. 
    • Available by API or MUSO’s Discover Dashboard.

    • Enables a comprehensive view of the global piracy ecosystem.

    • Provides an unbiased view of demand, as all content is available in all territories.

    Use Cases:

    Used by film studios, TV companies and networks, VOD Platforms, distributors and sales agents to:

    • Increase the value of content for sale or distribution.
    • Discover in-demand titles for acquisition.
    • Discover popularity trends for content commission.
    • Compare networks vs networks or production company vs production company.
    • Analyse windowing impact strategies.
    • Uncover new audiences.
    • Highlights trends and popularity amongst genres and titles.

    Used by trade and government bodies to:

    • Show piracy usage globally, methods of delivery and discovery across all media sectors.
    • Inform monitoring infringement behaviours, tracking the effectiveness of policy / educational campaigns.
    • Build a strong evidence base for economic analysis, and developing insight on key audiences.
    • Validate anti-piracy strategies and rank piracy sites by popularity.
    • Supporting evidence-based conversations on trade, helping to reinforce cooperation.

    MUSO Discover measures unlicensed audience demand across the piracy ecosystem, providing both streaming and torrent data that reveals a vast and under-reported audience.


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    MUSO Discover

    One of the advantages of piracy data is it gives a view of popularity before a title is available in a specific country or region; piracy knows no geographic boundaries or adheres to any licensing restrictions. 

    A title that is released exclusively on a platform or with a windowing strategy will still be available globally via piracy sites. MUSO Discover can measure the demand for a specific title in a specific country before legal data is readily available.

    Case Study

    A regional European broadcaster has improved their content acquisition strategies by using MUSO Discover data to identify popular titles that are not being revealed by traditional audience measurements.

    The broadcaster has made a number of recent acquisitions based on MUSO’s data.

    For example, the broadcaster identified a 2019 action film that was significantly over-indexing in MUSO’s piracy data for their country, however the film was not viewed as successful, in their territory, using traditional metrics. 

    They were able to negotiate extremely favourable terms to secure the rights to the film. When the film was released on their VoD platform it proved to be one of the most popular titles of that month.


    Activating MUSO’s data with this money-ball style approach to content acquisition is now a major part of the broadcaster’s strategy and is also influencing their content commissioning. 

    Piracy data reveals a previously hidden but vast audience and is emerging as a powerful business intelligence tool.

    To find out more about how MUSO Discover can add value to your business, contact the MUSO Discover team at

    To find out more about how MUSO Discover can add value to your business, contact the MUSO Discover team at

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