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Innovative Targeting Tools For Advertisers

Reach new highly engaged but hard to reach audiences and boost the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Connect with new audiences

MUSO Connect audience segments provide advertisers with accurate targeting data for outstanding campaign performance

With MUSO Connect advertisers can leverage segments via programmatic advertising to reach new, highly engaged audiences that are hard to reach, driving incremental ROI from advertising campaigns.

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MUSO Connect: superior campaign performance

Ads targeted to the MUSO Connect audience segments deliver significant reach and outstanding 3X campaign average CTRs (click-through-rates) with CPAs (cost-per-acquisition) results consistently below client target metrics.

The net result is MUSO’s clients are converting motivated pirates into paying subscribers.
It is important to note that MUSO Connect does not provide a mechanism for advertising on piracy sites or alongside any illegally placed content. Audience segments are used for programmatic ad targeting with the customer retaining control of the media buy. All data is GDPR compliant.

Client Case Study: New Customer Acquisition

Video on Demand (VoD) is a highly competitive space with multiple platforms vying for the same subscriber.

An international broadcaster, launching their VoD platform into new territories, used MUSO Connect audiences to acquire new customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

MUSO identified a large audience consuming the broadcaster’s content illegally in their launch regions and modelled a target audience based on the behavioural insights associated with those users.

The resulting audience segments consisted of high-intent users ready to engage with the broadcaster's content.

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