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Each reader is vital when it comes to sustaining the ecosystem of a self-published author. Each word deserves to be protected. MUSO's automated 24/7 anti-piracy protection for authors and publishers takes the stress out of protecting your precious content.


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We quickly discover and reduce piracy with automated 24/7 protection.


We automatically scan for piracy allowing you more time for writing.


We automatically issue DMCA takedown notices to infringing websites.

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Protect the books you need on a month by month basis

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Automatically scans for new piracy 24/7

Add and drop titles as needed, monthly

Monitor the piracy around your new releases

See all piracy activity in one, live dashboard

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Protect all your books

Includes the complete catalogue of an individual author

Automatically scans for new piracy 24/7

Automatically scans across the piracy ecosystem and search engines

Automatically removes infringing content

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All the features of monthly per author protection at a discounted rate for annual protection paid in advance

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MUSO Protect

Automated 24/7 digital content protection for publishers

Intelligent, Targeted, Efficient

MUSO Protect is the best-in-class automated content protection system. 

Powered by advanced technology and underpinned by MUSO's unrivalled analysis and categorisation of the piracy ecosystem, MUSO has protected content for some of the world's largest rights-holders in all media sectors for over a decade.

"My first published book, Saving Ella, was found on a piracy site within 24 hours of going live. It broke my heart that someone found something so incredibly important to me of such little value as to steal it and give it away."

Kirsty Dallas

Author of Decker's Wood, Amazon Best Seller and Goodreads Top 10 Comedy


MUSO Protect

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