The Publishing Piracy Report

"There were 60.8 billion visits to publishing piracy websites in the year ending March 31st 2023, which is a 26.6% YoY increase."

As a sector, publishing has now overtaken film piracy to become the second most popular behind TV content.

MUSO's latest annual report highlights the global trends in illegal demand for publishing content and the challenges faced by the sector. The report also outlines the solutions that publishers can employ to combat IP theft. 

Download the report to discover:

  • Trends in global publishing piracy 
  • The key drivers of publishing piracy
  • Which countries are the largest sources of piracy
  • How publishers and authors can protect their content including specific use cases

About MUSO

MUSO is a data company that provides the most complete 
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piracy demand. MUSO's expertise, data and technology help rights-owners measure and protect their content from piracy and enable companies to make better decisions that drive performance, ROI and value.