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MUSO is committed to providing the entertainment industry with cutting edge insight, analysis and reporting that looks at the day-to-day, granular detail of piracy. But we also look at the bigger picture, and ask the biggest questions. What about data analysis and insight that go beyond our standard reporting tools?

MUSO’s Market Insights team can provide country level or global level reporting, long term trends, and comparison reporting to meet any specific client need. Our range of standard reports are helping the content industry, broadcasters, trade bodies and management consultants to get a clearer view of the entire piracy audience. In addition, our Market Insights team can provide customized answers and deep insights into a variety of client specific verticals.

Our approach looks at the problem from every angle, leveraging big-data that includes billions of piracy pages and millions of measured devices, to give our clients a real-time, granular view of the global piracy market, regional focus, and device specific analysis.

From Industry reports to bespoke, customised insights

MUSO's Global Piracy Market Insights Reports published for both music and film & TV markets, and the specific country-level insight reports, are firmly established as the industry standard in global piracy audience trends.

Market Insights has a range of different products, from our trusted global insight reports released annually and each quarter, to highly specific small project needs, as well often providing ongoing technical consultancy support projects to evaluate and assess long term goals, however abstract or technically challenging.

MUSO can provide clients with analytical global piracy and country insight reports for music, film, TV, combined film & TV, publishing or software:

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