Global Film and TV Piracy Insight Reports 2017

Unlocking value from a new global market

2017 edition definitively highlights continued trends in the piracy audience shifting further towards video streaming websites

over191 billion

Visits to piracy websites
in 2016

MUSO’s Global Piracy Insights Report 2017, is the film & TV industry's most comprehensive view of the global piracy market. The 2017 report reveals important new data and highlights trends on film & TV piracy consumption across billions of pages of content, revealing a major viewing shift in online audiences, with streaming piracy now accounting for over 76.5% of all film & TV piracy.

  • 76.5% of all piracy visits via streaming delivery mechanism
  • 102 billion total piracy site visits to film and TV piracy sites in 2016
  • 11% of global piracy originating from the United States of America
  • Mobile device piracy increasing 4% over the year
  • Torrent website visits continue to fall, down 14.5% throughout the year

MUSO's global piracy report also available for music

The world’s only large scale global piracy analysis for the film & TV market

2016 highlights a significant continued audience adoption towards piracy streaming websites, and a massive preference shift away from P2P/Torrent usage globally. However, country-level trends also highlight a piracy market in transition, with huge variation between different regions. These figures were drawn through analysis of global traffic from over 23,000 of the largest global piracy websites, comprising of over 191 billion visits to these sites.

Film & TV piracy reports available

  • Country level reports profiling the 2016 piracy landscape including key piracy trend changes since the 2015 film and TV piracy data set

  • Global report analysing global trends, geographic piracy hotspots, piracy country ranking charts, and detailed country level insight reports profiling significant film and TV revenue generating countries for the film and TV industry:
    United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, analysing the long term trends and audience engagement with piracy.

  • Global region reports for any regional collection of countries e.g. European Union (EU), Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Scandinavia etc.

MUSO's global piracy report also available for music

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