Strategies for UK Film Co’s: Converting Piracy Streaming to Sales


Published September 7, 2016

How film and television distributors can engage with the UK streaming audience.

Brits love to stream film & TV content. With 2.76 billion visits to illegal film and television streaming sites in 2015 and over half of it happening on desktops (69.83%), it has become a tentpole to how the British audience is accessing illegal content online.

As adaptive as UK film distributors & sales agents are with the booming UK VoD OTT market, this illegal streaming audience cannot be ignored and necessitates engagement.

In this white paper, we investigate the landscape of this localised illegal streaming market and its effect on the UK film & TV creative industry. Furthermore, we look into online solutions specifically catered to the UK film industry on how to engage with this ever growing streaming audience.

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