Mipcom Report: Can Japan’s Next Wave Embrace Its 7.7bn Anime Piracy Audience?


Published October 14, 2016

To celebrate this year’s country of honour at Mipcom, Japan, MUSO has spotlights the anime piracy industry, revealing for the first time a global audience making 7.7bn visits to unlicensed anime sites.

For this Mipcom exclusive insight report, MUSO examines the uniqueness of anime’s expanding piracy audience, comparing anime demand against total film & TV piracy demand as well as the geographic diversity of this global audience.

As the market attendees gathers on the La Croisette for Mipcom 2016, we also consider some of the specific challenges and solutions Japanese anime studios are currently facing in distributing their content via legal platforms, as well as the role piracy has in helping to develop Japan’s OTT expansion.

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