A Clearer Picture of Piracy: 2016 Nordic Piracy Case Study


Published September 12, 2016

This survey from MUSO reveals how and why Sweden is a television and film piracy hotspot relative to its Nordic neighbours – Denmark, Norway and Finland. With the highest levels of piracy across all types (torrents, streaming, download, private trackers and YouTube rippers), MUSO reports on how Sweden claimed a total of 845m total visits to illegal film and television piracy sites.

This whitepaper explores the reality of piracy in Scandinavia, with a focus on illegal streaming sites that pose the biggest threat to the film and television industry. In 2015, 74.50% of Scandinavian audiences illegally watched their content on these sites.

‘A widening bridge: Piracy Demand in Sweden, compared with other Nordic Countries’ provides a wealth of valuable information for anyone working or planning to enter into the film and television industry in Scandinavia, providing a thorough analysis into the Scandinavian piracy network.

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