Unlicensed Demand Data: Capturing A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

Kearney, the leading global consultancy in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector, has released a new white paper, exclusively sourcing MUSO data, detailing why unlicensed content demand (commonly referred to as piracy), is now vital to gain competitive advantage in the film and TV content markets. 

New data from Kearney and MUSO, shows that visits to unlicensed global video content sites will have risen to an estimated 141 billion in 2023, increasing by 12% since 2019.  The study is based on the measurement of both unlicensed downloading and streaming consumption of over 730,000 films and TV titles globally.  

The report, "Video content piracy-using the power of data and analytics to capture a multi-billion dollar opportunity", outlines that while unlicensed content demand presents a persistent and growing problem for the M&E sector, commercialising unlicensed consumers presents a real opportunity for media companies.

Even if a quarter of the revenue leakage was recovered, eliminating piracy could boost the global broadcast and xVOD subscription market value by 6 percent.

"There is substantial revenue upside for media and entertainment companies prepared to pivot to a new approach."  Kearney

What Is Unlicensed Demand Data?

Unlicensed demand data is the measure of visits and consumption of content from unlicensed websites within the digital piracy ecosystem. 

The piracy ecosystem is arguably the largest Video on-Demand platform in the world with audiences unrestricted by platform or geography. The resulting data offers the entertainment industry a more rapid, holistic view of global audience demand, enabling media companies to drive more value from their content. 

A High Intent Audience

Demographically pirate audiences closely mirror licensed audiences, however, they are of a higher intent and have a higher propensity to pay for home entertainment and theatrical visits.

By measuring unlicensed demand, the M&E sector can uncover emerging trends and new markets.  To capitalise on this audience demand provides a huge opportunity for potential customer conversion. 

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How Can Piracy Data Help M&E Organisations?

Unlicensed audience data measures a vast high intent audience that is not influenced by licensing restriction or platform bias. Entertainment companies can leverage this largely untapped global data source to make better decisions that drive performance, ROI and value.

Moreover, a recent study, independently validated by Kearney and Omdia, illustrates that unlicensed demand data is a proxy for box office revenue and can be used as a powerful predictor of box office performance.

The M&E sector can use unlicensed audience data for the following:

  • To understand what audiences really want to watch.
  • Discover in-demand titles and genres for acquisition.
  • Discover regional popularity trends for content commission.
  • Uncover new audiences.
  • Compare content performance vs. the competition.
  • Analyse windowing impact strategies.
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Use Cases

Here are some core use cases for unlicensed audience data.  Click on the accordion to see the answers.
  • Which titles should I buy?

    In the highly competitive content environment, understanding which content to buy, produce or invest in at a regional level is more important than ever.  With MUSO Discover users can quickly and easily understand which content is most popular in terms of total volume as well as popularity at internet user level by country, in order to drive the highest levels of customer subscription, engagement and retention.

  • Is my unreleased title likely to be successful?

    Traditional audience measurement methods such as box office data and home entertainment measurement are both expensive and are greatly affected by common biases, such as availability, pricing, weather, scheduling and windowing.  Creating comparison title groups is often challenging, due to short monitoring periods of titles for both box office and home entertainment, greatly limiting the number of titles to utilise.


    MUSO Discover allows users access to over 730,000 titles globally with daily demand directly measured, ensuring the widest range of appropriate comparison titles to use as a proxy to predict likely success of key themes, sub-genres, actors & directors, reducing the risk of potential loss and supporting marketing with better understanding the key themes that resonate with audiences in different countries.

  • In which territories should I sell my content to leverage existing demand?

    Extracting the greatest value from your content in this increasingly competitive landscape as well as utilising a data driven approach is essential.  MUSO Discover allows content owners and rights holders use the world’s biggest demand level data set to leverage directly measured demand on their titles.

About Kearney 

Kearney is a global management consulting firm operating in more than 40 countries. Kearney are recognised leaders in strategy and thought leadership in the media industry with extensive experience and expertise in the television, streaming video, pay TV, broadcasting, and publishing verticals. 

Kearney have a deep understanding of the piracy landscape having previously published a segmentation model for pirate activity.  Kearney's latest report, exclusively using MUSO's unlicensed audience data, outlines how this data can be used by content creators and rights holders to gain highly valuable new insights into audience preferences, empowering them to adapt and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

About MUSO

MUSO is a data company that provides the most complete and trusted global view of unlicensed media consumption and piracy demand

MUSO’s unrivalled dataset measures a vast high intent audience that is not influenced by licensing restriction or platform bias. MUSO data helps companies make better decisions that drive performance, ROI and value. 

MUSO Discover is the leading global piracy demand measurement platform used by film studios, TV networks, VOD platforms and distributors.


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