Hidden Treasure: How Piracy Data Can Be a Moneyball Goldmine

In our latest white paper, MUSO uncovers what will come next for the entertainment industry and how long or hard the pandemic will continue to bite.

Download the white paper to discover:

  • New data that uncovers piracy consumption caused by the pandemic and how that affects the film and TV industries.
  • How in the absence of global theatrical or network data, piracy data is a ‘Moneyball’ goldmine.
  • The value of piracy datasets indicating audience demand prior to wider digital release.

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About the Author: Andy Chatterley, CEO & Co-Founder, MUSO linkedin_legacy_color

Andy Chatterley is the co-founder and CEO of MUSO.com, the global authority on digital piracy. Recognised as one of the coolest people in Tech in the Business Insiders Top 100 award.