Content Monitoring

Measure piracy and discover value across your entire catalogue

Monitor the whole piracy market for your content


The very heart of changing the piracy market, and audience behaviour, comes from understanding. To achieve this, MUSO’s Content Monitoring analyses real-time activity across your entire catalogue, new release and pre-release content.

Our data provides you with an instant view of global or regional popularity across the piracy market. Additionally, it's a resolute alert service for pre-release, enabling you to quickly react to leaks using our anti-piracy platform.


Key features

  • Monitoring of unlimited catalogue sizes
  • Integrates with industry standard delivery feeds, e.g. DDEX
  • API available for return of piracy level data
  • Meta-data based, allows fast set-up across large catalogues
  • Real-time measurement and alerting
  • Enables proactive piracy strategy during early pre-release window
  • Clear, customisable daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • Online dashboard access for detailed data view

Contact our Content Monitoring team

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