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Our focus has always been on people – whether it’s content creators, or the audiences they inspire. We develop innovative technologies and products focused on value-creating growth.

We grow your relationship with your online audience in three stages - protecting the content you own, helping you create lasting change across the piracy market, then connecting new fans directly with your content.

Effectively attack and reduce global piracy at source, closing infringing online distribution channels for your content, fast.

Understand new audiences and the piracy market better. Make your content more visible.

Reach bigger audiences directly and drive them back to great content.

Discover MUSO in more detail

We work with media industries in a way that allows them to get the most out of their online world. It’s built into every one of our products. We think of it as the ‘MUSO Approach’.

It inspires us each day to create faster, better, more useful technology that can help great content owners shine brighter online. And it enables us to work effectively across all sectors of film, TV and music industries, providing a focused range of solutions to help more than 1,000 rights holders globally.

  • Protect
  • Change
  • Connect

Content protection
The World’s most versatile and effective platform.
Fast, automatic search and removal across any type of infringement.

Optimise search towards the right websites. Drive audiences back to your platform, with real-time search engine results removal and optimization.

Protect your content and IP, and ensure it is used correctly via tube sites and social media.

Data intelligence
Insight and understanding into a whole new legion of fans – who is consuming your product right now!

Disruption and legal
Seamless market sizing, disruption of key piracy hubs and integrated legal offering.

Building a new, trusting community discovering great content online.

MUSO works across all Industries

Solutions for creative individuals

Everyone gets to protect what they create. MUSO for individuals.

Even as an individual rights holder MUSO can give you the power to build a true online following and keep your copyright safe.

Solutions for creative industries

We are a leader in Music, Film & TV and Publishing industries, providing a customised solution to fit both your needs and budget. Contact us to see how we can help you engage better online.

Solutions for Live Broadcast Industries

A pay-per-view market that just works better.

Live broadcast companies rely on our solution of services to connect directly with a larger online audience. MUSO can help you grow your digital revenues

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