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MUSO’s automated anti-piracy dashboard provides complete online coverage against all online piracy. Sign up now for instant protection that is both simple and affordable.


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Used by over 1000 rights holders across the music, film, publishing and software industries, MUSO has helped clients identify 380m piracy links. MUSO's Anti-Piracy dashboard operates 24/7, analysing billions of web pages, automatically issuing DMCA takedown notices to cyberlocker, torrent, streaming, Google and UGC sites.

MUSO reduces global piracy at the source. Behind the scenes, MUSO's legal team maximises compliance and coverage, shutting down illegal online distribution channels moments after discovery.

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Take control of your online piracy problem - 14 day free trial available

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Online services key features

Feature Piracy Alerts Anti-Piracy Dashboard
24/7 searching for your content
Database of over 9 billion piracy related web pages
No long term contracts
Signup and setup within minutes
24/7 customer support
Fully automated takedowns for verified content
Human verification process
Instant and priority removals, with real time status
Cyberlockers, P2P torrent, and streaming sites supported
Google takedown system to push legal download options to the top
YouTube, Soundcloud and all major UGC sites supported
Add additional links at any time
Fully transparent system, with one click to view hosting sites and source sits
24/7 monitoring of removed content to ensure it remains unavailable
Behind the scenes compliancy team ensuring fast removals

Removing over 1m illegal Google results per month

2 clicks

to download when searching
for unprotected illegal content

MUSO's Anti-Piracy Dashboard removes piracy instances from Google to optimise search rankings for your legal content.

Removing in excess of 1 million listings per month, we draw on a combination of technologies to offer a real-time automated scanning and removal service.

Our compliance team manually verify all piracy sites to ensure complete accuracy, and as a member of Google's Trusted Copyright Removal Program, we're able to offer priority removals and ensure rapid takedown of piracy results.

Take control every step of the way

Log in online anytime, anywhere to see the real time status of your products, and take full control over every aspect of your anti-piracy protection.

Our email alerts and daily updates notify you when new files are found, and automatically removed, so you're always up to date.

Plus our intuitive interface means that it takes minutes to take control of your online content and reconnect with your audience.


Explore Anti-Piracy Dashboard

Take control of your online piracy problem - 14 day free trial available

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